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This piper will enhance any event. Years of experience and an enormous list of music mean you won't be disappointed.
Make your son or daughter’s day extra special by adding that little touch of class and something different for your family and friends. Have the bride piped into the Church and the guests piped into the reception and the piper will also be pleased to be included in the wedding photos.

An engagement is also such a special occasion - The piper will make it even more special - a real treat for the happy couple.

Show your partner or indeed your parents if it is their anniversary, how much you love them by having the piper play something romantic on the pipes.

Have ‘Happy Birthday’ played on the bagpipes for the special person in your life. A special sound for a special day.

The piper will play laments and other beautiful Scottish melodies, with military precision, to give comfort to the bereaved. His sympathetic understanding at this sad time will show respect for your sad loss.

Special Events
Everyone loves the exhilarating sound of the bagpipes. Let the piper start your day with the swing of the kilt and the exciting sounds of Scotland.

Playlists / Events
1st Set. (Marches 2/4).
01. Scotland the Brave (4/4).
02. The Highland Laddie.
03. The Barren Rocks of Aden.
04. The High Level (Hornpipe).
05. The Black Bear.
06. Itchy Fingers (Reel).

2nd Set. (Marches 6/8).
07. The Glendurel Highlanders.
08. All the Blue Bonnets.
09. The Atholl Highlanders.
10. Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis.
11. Wi’ a Hundred Pipers.
12. Bonnie Dundee.
13. The Midlothian Pipe Band.

3rd Set (Strathspey & Jig).
14. The Piper’s Bonnet.
15. Donald Cameron’s Powder Horn.

4th Set (Strathspeys & Reels).
16. Susan Macloud.
17. Maggie Cameron.
18. Miss Ada Crawford.
19. Orange & Blue.
20. The Keel Row.
21. Thomson’s Dirk (Reel).
22. Kalabakan (Reel).
23. Johnnie MacDonald's Reel.
24. Pretty Marion (Reel).

5th Set (Reels & Jigs).
25. Caber Feidh (Reel).
26. Kiss the Train Goodbye (Reel).
27. The Eavesdropper.
28. The Whistling Postman.
29. Clancy’s Jig.

6th Set (Jigs).
30. The Banjo Breakdown.
31. Caber Feidh.
32. The Kresh Jig.
33. Rocking the Baby.
34. The Jig of Slurs.

7th Set (Jigs).
35. Glasgow City Police Pipe Band.
36. The Duke of Bannockburn.
37. The Irish Washerwoman.
38. Paddy’s Leather Breeches.
39. Karen Nuttel.
40. Merrily dances the Quaker’s Wife.
41. Queen of the Rushes.

8th Set (Retreats).
42. The Rowan Tree.
43. The Rose of Allendale.
44. Wings.
45. The Green Hills of Tyrol.
46. When the Battle is Over.
47. The Battle of the Somme.
48. The Heights of Dargai.

9th Set (Slow Marches).
49. The Skye Boat Song.
50. My Home.
51. The Highland Cradle.
52. Flower of Scotland.
53. Amazing Grace (Slow Air).

10th Set (Hornpipes).
54. Fulton Eyes.
55. Tam Bain’s Lum.
56. Jim Tweedie's Sea Legs.
57. Sandy's New Chanter.
58. Duncan Johnstone.

11th Set (Reels & Jigs).
59. Niall from Glenroe.
60. Catriona Baker.
61. Donald, Willie and his Dog (Jig).
62. The Cameronian Rant (Jig).

12th Set (Finals).
63. We’re no Awa' tae Bide Awa.'
64. Loch Lomond.
65. Blue Bells of Scotland.
66. Scotland the Brave.
67. The Black Bear.

N.B. The above sets are from an extract of a “Birthday” performance. Additional tune requests can be added which there are no extra charges. For all other performances he can use a more extensive repertoire from an around 6,000 tune database.

For future events, esp. weddings and funerals, this piper can provide an informal presentation free of charge.

Rate Info:
Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, Receptions, Wedding & Receptions, Anniversaries, Funerals, Burn's Night, New Year's Eve.

Customer Reviews:

when i asked you for a highland piper and you sent me his details, i had no idea just how well you had looked after me, He is the absolute mustard, he is so laid back, nothing is a problem, he has so much pride in his performance be it his uniform or his songs he plays, his ability to play his pipes is nothing but outstanding, fantastic value for money, if this is a sample of the standard of performers that you promote, then i salute you, and will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone. Many thanks from a very happy customer
Mr Richard Holland

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