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Bagpiper Renfrewshire: 3286  
Piper: 3286 Bagpiper Renfrewshire: 3286
Pipe Major. This piper has years of experience. - For hire in East Lothian

Bagpiper Moray: 3570  
Piper: 3570 Bagpiper Moray: 3570
Professional Highland Bagpiper based in the North East of Scotland. Available to travel anywhere in UK to play for your event. - For hire in East Lothian

Bagpiper South Ayrshire: 4084  
Piper: 4084 Bagpiper South Ayrshire: 4084
I am an experienced Bagpiper from South-Ayshire. Having played at many events across the world, I am a profesional and friendly Bagpiper who is able to travel far across Scotland for your event. - For hire in East Lothian

Bagpiper Buckinghamshire: 4150  
Piper: 4150 Bagpiper Buckinghamshire: 4150
Former Irish Guards piper with over 40 years experience , all Scottish & Irish uniforms available - For hire in East Lothian

Bagpiper Renfrewshire: 1606  
Piper: 1606 Bagpiper Renfrewshire: 1606
Smart, reliable piper based in Renfrew. Available for weddings, funerals, corporate engagements. - For hire in East Lothian

Bagpiper Scottish Borders: 1419  
Piper: 1419 Bagpiper Scottish Borders: 1419
Your local piper based in Scottish Borders available 7 days a week to compliment your wedding and provide music for you and your guests throughout the day. - For hire in East Lothian

Bagpiper Edinburgh: 3160  
Piper: 3160 Bagpiper Edinburgh: 3160
A Scottish Piper of 35 years experience as a bagpiper for hire. Whether it is wedding bagpipes you seek, a funeral lament or corporate fun, his professionalism guarantees satisfaction. - For hire in East Lothian

Bagpiper Inverclyde: 1874  
Piper: 1874 Bagpiper Inverclyde: 1874
Experienced Scottish Piper from Central Scotland with 15 years experience of competing at every contest in Scotland and all major contests around the UK. - For hire in East Lothian

Bagpiper Glasgow: 2311  
Piper: 2311 Bagpiper Glasgow: 2311
Professional bagpiper, only 19 and travelled the world. Available to pipe at weddings, funerals etc.. - For hire in East Lothian

Bagpiper Stirling: 3933  
Piper: 3933 Bagpiper Stirling: 3933
Professional Piper with over 30 years experience. - For hire in East Lothian

Bagpiper Northumberland: 4083  
Piper: 4083 Bagpiper Northumberland: 4083
This Piper has played at many weddings and celebrations, and has a wide repertoire of tunes. He is always willing to take on any new tune, and luckily for him, he can 'play by ear', so no tune is out of the question. He has been playing the pipes for over twenty five years in various bands, as a solo artist, and also as a session musician. - For hire in East Lothian

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