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Bagpiper Cheshire: 3996  
Piper: 3996 Bagpiper Cheshire: 3996
Over 30 years experience, I am a former piper with the 1st Bn The Black Watch. I have played at many high profile events, so I am confident in delivering a professional service to any type of event. - For hire in Nottinghamshire

Bagpiper South Yorkshire: 2928  
Piper: 2928 Bagpiper South Yorkshire: 2928
Experienced piper with over 40 years of experience of solo piping and as a member of a championship winning pipe band. - For hire in Nottinghamshire

Bagpiper South Yorkshire: 2681  
Piper: 2681 Bagpiper South Yorkshire: 2681
He has been piping for over 20 years and has performed at 100's of public and private events such as weddings, birthday parties, Burn's Suppers, Hogmanay, Corporate Functions, military dinners , school events and funerals, etc. - For hire in Nottinghamshire

Bagpiper Buckinghamshire: 4150  
Piper: 4150 Bagpiper Buckinghamshire: 4150
Former Irish Guards piper with over 40 years experience , all Scottish & Irish uniforms available - For hire in Nottinghamshire

Bagpiper Nottinghamshire: 2739  
Piper: 2739 Bagpiper Nottinghamshire: 2739
Quality traditional Scottish highland bagpipes for weddings, with the assurance of exstensive experience and a sense of both style and occasion to enhance the ceremonial aspects on your special day - For hire in Nottinghamshire

Bagpiper East Yorkshire: 3259  
Piper: 3259 Bagpiper East Yorkshire: 3259
Very experienced piper covering south yorkshire and lincolnshire - For hire in Nottinghamshire

Bagpiper Lincolnshire: 3013  
Piper: 3013 Bagpiper Lincolnshire: 3013
This Piper has performed in Germany, France, and Japan and throughout the UK. His TV credits include ‘May to December’ and film credits ‘The Avengers’. In 1999, Mark was honoured by performing in front of the Queen, with the Scots Guards Association, on the occasion of ‘The Beating of the Retreat’. - For hire in Nottinghamshire

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